Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.
Read #1 book on Hinduism and enhance your understanding of ancient Indian history.

#Non Stop November Edition 3 - Advanced


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“If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.”

— Toni Morrison 

Have you ever read a book and loved it to the point that you wished there had been more stories centered around that particular theme but unfortunately never came across such a story because no one ever attempted to do so? Why can’t you be the one attempting? Never got an opportunity to think about it? We can understand.  

Well, now’s your chance! StoryMirror is pleased to announce the 3rd edition of Non-Stop November Writing Challenge. A challenge that aims to awaken that writer inside you!

Non-Stop November Writing Challenge is different & this time it’s much bigger with three different levels. You can participate in one, two or all the three levels. Participating and completing the challenge in two or more levels will make you eligible for our mega prize. 

How this works?

We are providing you 30 prompts from 30 different books for 30 days. You need to write on one prompt each day. All you have to do is send us your story on the theme as shared from a particular book each day. It can be any style, any genre, anything you like, as long as it’s themed around the Book of the day. 

Prompts for advance level-

Language: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Odia, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam

Category: Story 


  • Winners will be decided based on all the submissions on all topics and average editorial score which should be 6 or more.
  • You need to write on the given prompt / theme only
  • Participants should submit their original content.
  • Any submission made over email or as hard copy or without using the contest link will not be eligible for entry.
  • There is no participation fee.
  • Your participation certificates are available in your profile under the certificate section.


  • All participants will receive a participation certificate.
  • Winners will get a trophy.
  • Winner certificates to all the winners.

Mega Prize

If you complete any 2 levels from the three levels with an average editorial score of more than 7, then you are eligible to win a free physical book publishing contract from StoryMirror along with a winner trophy.

Submission period: 1st November to 5th December 2021

Result: 20th January 2022

For feedback and queries:

  • Email:
  • Phone number: 022-49240082 / 9372458287 (Monday to Saturday from 10.00 AM to 7.00 PM)
  • WhatsApp: +91 84528 04735

Note: This edition, Non-Stop November Writing Challenge is organized in three levels. You can participate in one, two or all the three levels