Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".
Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

#Being Women


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What's the actual meaning of empowerment? Is it only literacy? Maybe that is the first step.

There are more things to conquer. Barriers need to be broken, compromises need to be overruled, taboos need to be overpowered by the fighter residing in all women.

“There are some women who feel not treating them differently is gender parity, for those are the blessed ones who are nurtured well and treated at par in the society but there are still a lot who struggle to come to terms. Should women really be needing a difference and called a second gender?

Girl, maiden, woman - they put more and more effort every single day to achieve what is rightfully theirs. They want to contribute to society's betterment like a normal person.

Do they really need to fight for this? Should this not be life as usual?

Well, there are brilliant examples who unshackle the bounds of negotiations, surpass demeaning comments, negate unfair decisions, and arise victoriously.

Their stories need to be heard. Every person acquainted with tales of such women, every woman who has stories like these must share them with the world.

Stories of women , who fought against all odds and have risen to be treated at par with men for their merits across all spectrums need to be told and heard.

StoryMirror in collaboration with Author Chattanathan D. presents 'Being Women', a story writing contest where you share the stories of women who stand out from the traditions, rules created by society and how they overcome those to emerge superior.

Topic: Being Women

Language: English

Category: Story

Dates: 10th October to 10th November 2021


  • Top 20 Stories of winners will be published in an e-book.
  • Top 10 Winners will get a free copy of "My Rides with Sahib".
  • Exclusive video feature of each story on Youtube.
  • All participants will get discount vouchers of SM shop for the booksult

Result: 25th November 2021